Arcade Corner

Hi there! My name is Lewis. I'm a 20 year old voice actor from the UK. I'm a lover of anime and cartoons.

Before you ask. My favourite Pokemon is Arcanine or Umbreon.

DC all the way!

Anonymous asked: Do you watch the Yogscast, and if so, who is your favourite Yogscast member?

Not really but I have friends in the Yogscast! I couldnt say based on their content.

Anonymous asked: What's your favourite anime?

I love loads of different animes that I love. To name a few recent ones, Blue exorcist. Fairy Tail, Kill la Kill and Fate Zero

Anonymous asked: Are you going to Minecon 2014? Apparently it's in Europe.

Possibly! we’ll see.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever hang out with other member's of the Noxcrew? And if so, what do you guy's do together?

Only at events, Just hang out really. I didnt get the chance much last insomnia but I will hopefully next time.

Anonymous asked: Hail Satan?

Only on the weekends